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My name is Eira Jokela and I work as a professional equine nutritionist, welfare educator & the founder of Edison´s Equine Nutrition! I have graduated from the University of Helsinki, Finland and hold both Bachelor´s and Master´s degree in Animal Nutrition from the department of Animal Sciences. I have deepened my knowledge on equines doing additional studies in Netherlands, at the University of Wageningen and also in United States, at University of California, Davis.


I have dedicated my time and worked with horses thru my whole life. My goal is to persistently stay on that road and promote horse welfare & optimal feeding. After working with animal feed industry I found nutritional services in more wider range needed and educating about nutrition essential for everyone who works with horses. The subject of equine nutrition is very complex to comprehend if we don´t understand the basics of equine digestion system and its principles.

If I can positively influence on the horses health, performance and on the owners mindset towards feeding, we have already done a lot! The impact of nutritional research and more information being available is often making feeding more complex than ever. Also for example, the free market regulations in European Union enables more and more feed brands to come to the market which means that many owners struggle with the decision on what products to use & what type of roughage to buy.

We love science and it is very delightful to see feed industry taking drastic changes on developing and manufacturing more safer and "equine" - designed feeds based on research. None the less, there is still a lot of products out there, that owners need guidance on how and when to use. Also we should remember that when it comes to horses, we  need to look at them as individuals. This means that some roughage types and feeds will suit one, but wont work on the other.


We really want to activate horse owners and learn together about this fascinating subject. We learn something new everyday. This is how Edison´s Equine Nutrition got started and we are very excited!

With horses all over the world, kept in different environments, used for different purposes and maintained very differently we manage to compete, perform and thrive with them equally. This fascinates me since we all know, they share the same gut! I travel and interview people who interests me and motivates me to learn more and help me understand the endless flexibility of the Horse when it comes to different methods of maintenance.


So a very warm welcome to follow us!



Eira & Edison