Anne-Mari (Ansku) Vanhanen



My name is Anne-Mari (Ansku) Vanhanen. I am 32-years old event rider from eastern Finland, Mikkeli. I started riding in a riding school when I was 8 years old and I got my first leasing horse when I was 15. After high school I joined the army for a year and at that time I also got my first own horse, Bea. Today, I have owned my current horse Lacoste for 9 years and we are actively competing.


Lacoste is an Holsteiner gelding, born 4.8.2001 in Germany, bred by Berner Bruno. Lacoste is from sire Leandro who was sired by Landgraf 1. Dam is a German Holsteiner Alodria. Lacoste was brought to Finland in 2006.


Me and Lacoste both have evolved tremendously during the past nine years. I will never forget the first weeks together, when I fell from him countless times! Lacoste was very playful and he loved bucking, especially when he got excited. Luckily, today he has left that goofiness to his younger colleagues.


Lacoste has an amazing work ethic! He is always trying his best, even if he wouldn’t quite understand what is asked for, he always offers you something. This has to be one of the many reasons why we have stayed together and pushed ourselves to higher level of competition. Event riding is our main discipline where we have competed at 1* & 2* -levels in Finland and also 1* -level Internationally.


On his first year in Finland, Lacoste was show jumping with Anna-Julia Kontio. Show jumping has always been a struggle to Lacoste and this might be the reason why their journey together ended. Show jumping is not his strongest discipline, him being little bit slow from his front feet. Because of this he takes down poles and gets a little bit sloppy. Luckily, he shines in dressage and in cross country where he puts on another gear and is very enthusiastic & energetic!


On our previous season we participated to our first dressage competition on PSG level.


Next season we will work and compete by Lacoste´s terms as much as he is ready to and has the stamina for. Our goal is to still compete in eventing and also in dressage to VaA -level (Finnish classification).

Lacoste doesn’t really look like an ordinary event horse. He is muscular and round. Even though we monitor his feeding and training very carefully, he puts on weight easy. Personally, I am very interested about feeding and I am quite strict about it when it comes to my own horse. I am looking forward to collaborating with Eira & Edison´s Equine Nutrition, since I know that an aging performance horse will need special attention when it comes to feeding.


We hope we have many good seasons still ahead of us!


Ansku & Lacoste

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