Welcome to learn more about my nutrition & feeding management consultation.

Calculations are always included in consultation. With consultations we dig a little deeper than just stare at numbers. If you are interested in nutrition and really want to know what is going on in your horses diet, consultation is the option for you!

How do choose between calculations and consultation?


Calculations will help you if you only want to check your current feeding status or maybe you are about to change a feed. In that case it is always good to check that your horse is getting all the right nutrients in right amounts. Also one would do a calculations if you are changing forage or maybe your horse will be on pasture. 

Consultation includes feeding calculations and feeding recommendations but also guidance with the daily feeding management. I want to be close to my customers and achieve results together. Feeding can be simple if we have the right feeds and ideal surroundings, but often this is not the case. Just as an example available roughage quality, seasonal changes and financial aspects must also be considered when we conduct personalized & balanced feeding programs. You can use our advice and recommendations as guidelines & as a tool to adjust your horses daily feeding.


We will tailor a consultation package that suits your need so please do not hesitate to contact me and we will get started!



Starting at 120 $