Welcome to learn more about Edison´s nutrition & feeding management consultation.

Consultation includes feeding calculations and feeding recommendations but also guidance with the daily feeding management. We want to be close to our customers and achieve results together. Feeding can be simple if we have the right feeds and ideal surroundings, but often this is not the case. Just as an example available roughage quality, seasonal changes and financial aspects must also be considered when we conduct personalized & balanced feeding programs. You can use our advice and recommendations as guidelines & a tool to adjust your horses daily feeding.

We offer three different consultation options but if you don´t find what you are looking for, or you have multiple horses / stable units please leave an inquiry on what kind of service you seek. We will find a right consultation package for you!

Edison´s Equine Nutrition consultation will be impartial & neutral. We do not take responsibility on  practical feeding. Consultation will be given as an advice and it is the customers decision to follow our recommendations.

Basic - service is a simple feeding calculation package. With given information we will conduct a calculation based on feeds the customer wants to use. If needed, we can also give advice on the daily feeding management, replacing products & picking ideal roughage.
  • 1 x Feeding calculation
  • Advice on feeding management
4 W Standard
4 W Standard - service gives you the Basic - feeding calculation package and additional 4 weeks privilege to open consultation. This allows us to follow up your progress and help adjust feeding as we go. 
  • 1 x Feeding calculation
  • Advice on feeding management
  • 4 week consultation access
6 W Premium
6 W Prerium - service gives you the Basic - feeding calculation package, additional 6 weeks privilege to open consultation and fixed feeding calculation at the end of the period. This allows us to follow up your progress and another set of calculations gives you a steady base to continue.
  • 2 x Feeding calculation
  • Advice on feeding management
  • 6 week consultation access
When sending inquiries or you are interested about consultation you can already add following information concerning your horse: Breed, date of birth, sex, weight (kg/lb), body condition score, daily use / exercise level, possible breeding information, medical history & current feeding program. The more we know, the more we can help!

Contact information & Inquiries:             info(at)