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my name is Emma Helander. I´m 16 years old jumper and event rider from Finland. I started my riding journey 2010, in a local riding school. When I was younger I owned two ponies that I actively trained with but didn’t compete. It was my first own horse Benji that I started ambitious competing with on season 2016. We mainly focused on event riding with Benji.


My current horse Hurricane TW, 2004, is a gelding from Germany. We call him Hugo! He arrived to Finland in August 2018. He was recommended to me by three professional trainers with the goal to develop my skills as a rider to the next level. I really liked the way he moved and his way of jumping so we ended up buying him. Training has started very well and we really fit together nicely. Hugo is an experienced horse that has competed actively on an International level. By nature, he is a really cute and social horse.

Rest of the season 2018 we are planning to participate mainly on some jumping competitions and get to know each other better. I can’t wait for next season and get back on to cross country​ courses! Hopefully, on season 2019 we will be ready to compete in the National Championships, here in Finland, in juniors. I have really learned to love event riding and I hope I can continue on training and dream is to go all the way to the International level.


​It is very important to have good and solid feeding program for an active competition horse. Since Hugo was brought from Germany, it has been noted in the selection of right feeds and how to start the new feeding regimes. Edison´s Equine Nutrition has helped us a lot with Hugo! With feeding, there is always struggling questions in mind; for example the adequate energy need of the horse, is the horse getting all the right nutrients and how to support the training via feeding? It is so wonderful to have professional expertise working with us, especially when we are working with a new, recently imported horse!

Emma & Hugo