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My name is Eira Ney (MSc.). I am an enthusiastic Equine Nutritionist from Finland and the founder of Edison´s Equine Nutrition.

I have graduated from the University of Helsinki, Finland and hold both Bachelor´s and Master´s degree in Animal Nutrition from the department of Animal Sciences. I have deepened my knowledge on equines doing studies in Netherlands, at the University of Wageningen and in United States, at the University of California, Davis. I wrote my Master’s Thesis on effect of starch concentration, starch intake and NDF concentration in horse’s diet on hindgut fermentation (Meta-analysis, 2016). Currently I live in Norther California with my husband and our 1,5-year-old son Jasper.

My whole life has been about horses which lead me to my passion for equine nutrition. In fact, if I got a wish from a genie, I would probably want to be a feed particle going thru the horse’s gastrointestinal tract...



Many people ask me who is Edison?

Edison is my beloved dog. This amazing Finnish Bear dog mix has gone thru ups & downs with me and travelled the world. He has done most of my stable visits with me so many of my clients know him well. When it was time to name my startup, with no hesitations, I wanted it to be called Edison´s.

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Little review on (sugar) beet pulp! It has been asked many times

so here it comes!

Well, we absolutely love it!

Sugar beet pulp is a by product of sugar industry where actual sugar

has been removed, and the rest of the beets structure processed,

dried and used in many fe...

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