When I was young, I was extremely shy. I had to concentrate and practice relaxing while performing especially when I got into the University and public speaking was inevitable.

After hard work and many many performances I finally started to "loosen up".  BUT it wasn't until I started speaking about horses, when it really got enjoyable and fun(don't get me wrong I still get nervous before every performance)! When you are passionate about the topic and you are present, keen on sharing your knowledge and experiences, then you know that you are in the right place!

Iv held quite a few lectures and they have all been different. I want to engage with the audience and encourage conversation which will always motivate me talking about different topics and this way I think I can really serve listeners and make their time worth while.

So, If you are looking for a speaker for your Club, boarding facility, school, Uni please don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to tailor a lecture to your event.

"If I can positively influence the owners mindset towards feeding, hence contribute to horse welfare, health & performance, we have already done a lot!"


With my lectures, I want owners to experience HEUREKA moments & have a good time! Take knowledge & tips back to the ground zero, to the daily horse feeding & management.



Starting at 460 $