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Here you can learn little bit more about our lecture services. We hold lectures everywhere from venues to expos, Schools/Universities or for a private party (for example stables, clubs, private owners etc.). We can shape the subject of the lecture according to your needs or you can order Edison´s Equine Nutrition: Hands On -lecture. If interested, you can send inquiries via e-mail info(at)edisonsequinenutrition.com or using the form in the Contact -section.

The main purpose of our lectures is to activate owners & people who work with horses on a daily basis. We want people reflect feeding from a new perspective and take those ideas & thoughts back home with them. Lectures are designed to be informative but also to stay on a level where it is easy to comprehend and follow. Hands On -lecture gives the opportunity for the listener to actively participate and share experience. As we know, we always don´t have the right answers on our reach so we at Edison´s Equine Nutrition think it is very good to share those thoughts and knowledge.

Hands On -lecture
  • Duration approx. 3 hours
  • No participant restriction 
  • Anatomy of horses digestive tract & its functions
  • Digestibility and utilization of digested nutrients
  • Common problems & disadvantages in modern feeding
  • Horses interaction & reaction to today's feeds
    • Feeds, feed-industry​​
    • Feed composition & manufacture
    • Right choice of feeds
During the lecture we will have a look at the composition of different kind of feeds and we will go thru a variety of customer cases. If possible, actual horses can be used as example aswell. All participants will have a possibility to actively engage the lecture.