Suvi Takko


I’m Suvi Takko, 28 years old amateur rider from Espoo, Finland. I started riding from early age in a riding school and ever since I have ridden multiple different ponies for sale and project horses. For a long time, I found myself to be more interested about jumping than other disciplines. This was soon to change when I bought my very first horse KWPN -mare Ushiyana from my trainer. Because of her I got into dressage and event riding. After Ushiyana passed away, I was introduced to my previous horse, Pinewood Dylan.


With Dylan we competed in national level dressage, showjumping and eventing during seasons 2017-2019. Time with Dylan established my preference to diverse training of horses even further. Dyed-in-the-wool showjumper turned out to most reliable dressage and cross-country ride. The strong warm-blooded background, large size and active training set challenges towards balanced feeding. Valuing science-based knowledge and horse specific point of view we were happy to meet this challenge with Edison’s Equine Nutrition. Thanks to the co-operation, Dylan stayed fit and happy.

My current horse Elmors joined the team as a 3yo at summer 2019. Feeding of a young horse who is just starting his training is a field of its own. It’s super exciting with Elmors and I’m very happy to have Edison’s Equine Nutrition with me right from the beginning.

Suvi & Elmors

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